This trippy video by artist Cy Kuckenbaker layers together an hour of surfing footage shot from a bluff in San Diego on the morning of Jan 21, 2014.

“I was interested in exploring the manipulation of water and to see how the movements and patterns from surfing interact,” Kuckenbaker writes about the project. “Watching surfing typically happens in one or two ways: in films/videos or in person standing on a pier, beach or bluff. In most surf films, the riders are so talented and the waves are so good it becomes an abstraction from the average viewer’s/surfer’s experience at an average break.”

“On the other hand, watching in person can be very slow and depending on the swell there may be long stretches when nothing happens at all. This video is a playful attempt to split the difference and reveal just how much can actually happen in an hour in an otherwise nondescript surf spot with non professional riders. There are no CG elements, these are all real surfers and real waves with the time separating them removed. The video does not contain every wave that passed during the hour; I picked the best rides but otherwise tried to maintain chronology.”

The video is part of  San Diego Studies is a series of short videos that collapse time to reveal otherwise unobservable rhythms and movement in San Diego. The project is supported my MOPA San Diego and the San Diego Foundation.

The video was one of Vimeo’s staff picks, as was Kukenbaker’s time compression video of airplanes landing at San Diego International Airport, which is also very much worth a look.