If you happen to be in the vicinity of Lake Gregory, the hike to Heart Rock Falls, located just on the outskirts of the town of Crestline, is a convenient excursion into the alpine forests of the San Bernadino Mountains. Crestline is the closest mountain town in the San Bernadino Mountains to the urban metropolis of San Bernadino.

Trail Type: Out-and-Back

Trail Length: 2 miles

Elevation Gain: 200 feet

Trail Condition: Well Maintained

Dogs Allowed? Yes

Trail Activities: Hiking, Mountain Biking

Trail Description:

This mellow 2-mile round-trip hike follows a trail along Seeley Creek to a 20-foot waterfall named for the heart-shaped depression in the waterfall’s rock face. It’s a idyllic patch of forest but heavily trodden path, particularly in summer, when Lake Gregory is a popular destination for refugees from the urban jungle of the LA basin. The woods are amazing, the waterfall a little trammeled due to the abundance of visitors but still worth the hike.


Hike Difficulty: Easy

Hike Duration: 1.25 hours

Mountain Biking

Ride Difficulty: Moderate


Heat, Mountain Lions, Snakes


Driving Directions

From Lake Gregory, take Lake Drive one mile west through the town of Crestline and make a right onto Knapps Cutoff. Travel half a mile on Knapps Cutoff and turn right onto Route 138. Follow 138 for 1.2 miles until you see Camp Seeley ahead on your left. Turn left just before the camp entrance onto a small road that crosses Seeley Creek. The trail parallels the stream so you can park in any of the spaces next to the road. If you drive about 1/8 off a mile down the road, you can get closer to trailhead (this allows you to avoid the initial part of the trail which passes the camp's pool).

Trailhead Coordinates: 34.25700361482942,-117.3057996775238

Address: 250 N Hwy 138, Crestline, CA, 92325


Heart Rock Falls