The blockbuster POV camera maker GoPro, which has revolutionized how people document their outdoor adventures, is now exploring a new frontier: virtual reality.

A couple of weeks ago, GoPro acquired Kolor, a French startup-software company that allows photos and video to be combined to make immersive virtual-reality films.

Pairing this software with a new all-direction camera mount, six GoPros can capture the entire visual field from a single point of view and the images can be combined so you can explore the images as if your looking around.


The videos will initially be viewable on Googles new Google Cardboard viewer, a simple viewer that turns your smartphone into a 3D virtual reality headset. This allows you to explore the virtual scene by simply turning your head. They will also be viewable on Facebook’s Oculus Rift viewer and Microsoft’s HoloLens, which will probably be released in the next year or two.


Below is an example of a video shot with the GoPro virtual reality filming system, which works requires you to watch it through Google’s Chrome browser or the Kolor app. You can change the view with your mouse or touching the screen. You can view it on a Android phone and the video perspective will change as you tilt the phone.