The San Diego Surf Film Festival, held in Bird’s Surf Shed, May 8-12, has announced the line up of films to be screened this year:

Feature Films

Alaska Sessions – Frederick Dickerson and Matthew McNeill
Bending Colours – Kai Neville
Bonzer Mothership – Campbell Brothers
Bootleg – Joel Tudor & George Trimm
Intentio – Loic Wirth
Isolated – Justin LePera
Lakey Peterson – Zero to 100 – Aaron Lieber
Sine Qua Non: The Psychology of Big Wave Surfing with Greg Long – Richard Yelland
Sons of Beaches 72 – Glenn Blight
Storm Surfers: Overcoming the Cow Bombie – Series Prod: Christopher Nelius, Justin McMillan
Surfing & Sharks – Julian Watson
The Endless Winter – A Very British Surf Movie – Matt Crocker & James Dean
The Heart & The Sea – Nathan Oldfield
The Waverider – Karl Lear

1964 – Mike Bromley
Ale Ponzanelli & Matt Calvani – Luca Merli
Away – Elisa Bates
Beyond the Scars – Chris McClean
Boys to Men: 100 Wave Challenge – Tim Ryan
Built to Ride – Andy Miller & Robin Moore
Danielle Burt: Chapter Two – Chris Grant
Experimenting with Design – Joseph Ryan
Leah Dawson – Jordan Miller
Much Better Now –
New England Blood – Dylan Ladds & Ryan Scura
North – Mikey DeTemple
Of Souls + Water: The Warrior – Skip Armstrong
Partymix – Hayley Gordon
Procrastination – David Archer
Ricky Whitlock: L-1, T-12 – Timothy Ryan
River Run – Dirk Brandts
Setting Sunsets – Gene Sung
SHVDE – Derek Dunfee
Step N’ Soul – Toma Jablon
Stokefest – Andrew Quinn
Strength & Grace – Heather Hudson
The Beginning of Something Big – Doug Walker
The Diamond Light Was In My Eyes – Phillip Mansfield
The Fruits of Dystopia – Cyrus Sutton
The Present Moment – Will Suto
The Shaper – Jeremy Joyce, Rich Pearn & Rob Lockyear
The Swell – Rocky Romano