In this first edition of the OutdoorSoCal Podcast, we get rebuffed from our favorite SoCal trails, take in some old-time music on Mount Laguna, and consider the virtues of getting a snowboard subscription. In the land of (seemingly) endless sunshine, we get use to year-round access to the outdoors. But recently, with the repeat heavy winter rains, it’s common to find a “trail closed” sign when you head out for a hike, mountain bike ride or off-road excursion. So we headed to the Laguna Mountains to see if any snow remained from recent storms, and to work on a new guide on the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area. We got lucky and caught San Diego old-time musicians Clinton Davis and Tim McNalley at the rustic Pine House Cafe and Tavern. We round out the podcast by taking a look at SoCal’s Signal Snowboards new snowboard subscription service, where customers pay a monthly fee for a board and other perks.


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