Each year, one Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker gathers photos and video and uses them to make a video montage from their experience hiking the epic trail. This year, the honor fell to Wesley Trimble who collected video and photos from more than 80 thru-hikers.

Here’s what Trimble had to say about the video:

“More than 80 hikers from the 2014 season submitted nearly 8,000 unique pictures and video clips capturing their experiences on the PCT. The 2014 Class Video attempts to depict the collective experience of the journey.  With thousands of people on the trail, the video only accounts for a fraction of the total experience; yet similar sights, moments, and themes resonate throughout most of the submissions.  I set out to create a digital keepsake for my class to enjoy for years to come, and after several hundred hours of editing the following is the end result.  Take an hour and soak in the experience of the Pacific Crest Trail through the eyes of the class of 2014!”

Wesley himself has an intriguing story, having Wesley Trimble vercome cerebral palsy to hike the PCT.