The 2012 climbing documentary, “K2 Siren of the Himalayas” will be showing at San Diego’s Media Arts Center through September. Tickets are available at:

Saturday, September 6th: 4:30
Sunday, September 7th: 3:15
Tuesday, September 9th: 7:00
Wednesday, September 10th: 7:00

About the film:

K2: SIREN OF THE HIMALAYAS is a feature documentary showing the adventure, peril, teamwork and serenity of a mountaineering group’s attempt to summit the world’s most challenging peak. Shot in Pakistan in the summer of 2009, the documentary follows world-class alpinists Fabrizio Zangrilli and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner with veteran climbers Jake Meyer and Chris Szymiec in a breathtaking glimpse into the world of high altitude mountaineering. Director Dave Ohlson joins this group’s attempt to summit K2 on the 100-year anniversary of the Duke of Abruzzi’s landmark K2 expedition in 1909. The documentary examines the history and geography of the Karakoram mountains while contemplating the risks, rewards and personal nature of exploration in an age when there are few blank spots left on the map.