This is classic. After rioters tore up Huntington Beach last month after the Vans U.S. Open of surfing, local police posted pictures of rioters on the department’s Facebook page in hopes that someone would turn in the perpetrators.

So let’s say you were one of said rioters and you came across your photo among the mug shots. You might hope that no one recognizes you, and with any luck, you’ll get off scot-free. You would be smarter than 18-year-old Luis Rodriguez.

First, Rodriguez friends saw his photo and, terrific friends that they are, tagged him in the photo. So what does Rodriguez do? Go into hiding? Ask his friends to remove the tags? No. He likes the photos.

Rodriguez is now being charged for writing “f*** the pigs” on police cars during the riots. We’re sure they were gentle when they arrested him…

Via: Mail Online