Giant sunfish cruising the SoCal coast

Monster Sunfish off the San Diego coast. Photo by Daniel Botelho

How crazy is this fish? Daniel Botelho, a photographer who specializes in underwater photography, in 2010 shot this photo of a sunfish, also known as a Mola Mola, off the coast of San Diego.

The world’s heaviest boned fish, these guys can reach 10 feet long and 5,000 pounds. After the picture became a Facebook hit, National Geographic interviewed Dr. Tierney Thys, a Sunfish expert, about these gentle giants.

“Their design has evolved to be more like an armored tank with a stiff body as opposed to a streamlined torpedo body like other fish,” he said. “They just look like big puffer fish on steroids.”

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  1. Nature is like a Pandora box, we are always discovering new things about marine life and its wonders, I was a kid back in the 70’s and one of my favorite places was the Museum Natural History, ( Museo de Historia Natural ) in Lima, Peru. There was the first time ever I had the chance to see a real Mola Mola, (Stuffed) I was impress it impacted me for ever how big and how different from all other fish it was.

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