With fire season in full effect, campers in SoCal’s state and federally managed forests must comply with fire restrictions intended to prevent forest fires.

For instance, no wood or charcoal fires are allows anywhere in San Bernadino Naitonal Forest, where fire fighters are currently battling a the massive Lake Fire.

In addition, campers are required to get permits for all propane gas stoves and lanterns. Fireworks are prohibited in most SoCal forests, and gun shooting ranges are often closed during peak fire season.

If you’re planning on going off-roading you’ll need an approved spark arrester to operated on designated forest routes. Internal engine driven vehicles and devices that require an arrester include chainsaws, generators, motorcycles and off-highway vehicles.

To find out the specific fire restrictions where you’ll be camping the best bet is to check with campground managers or the parks website.

Links to current fire restrictions:
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