People have been sharing stories and beta around the campfire since we figured out how to build a campfire. Think of Outdoor SoCal as your digital campfire.

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Photos and videos

Maybe you just want to contribute some photos from your recent adventure. That’s fine: we can publish a single stunning photo or a gallery of photos. For a single photo, we’ll need a caption. For a gallery, you’ll need to provide captions and a short intro about the photos.

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Adventure Stories

Tell it! We love a good outdoors adventure narrative. Even more if its a great story – You got kidnapped in TJ? The bear ate what? How did you end up naked?

Remember, Outdoors SoCal is all about human-powered outdoor adventure – hiking, climbing, paddling, biking, surfing and such. Trip reports can be any combination of text, photographs or video. We’re looking for a good, well-written story or good beta on the place you visited. Ideally, your report should include both.

Adventure Guides

Some places draw outdoors enthusiasts like a black holes devour light. Outdoor So Cal Adventure Guides help people enjoy these places that are exceptional for outdoors adventure.

We’re talking climbing areas, mountain biking spots or maybe a state park that offers opportunities for a range of different activities. While Trip Reports focus on a specific outing to an area, Adventure Guides are all about providing beta for other people who might visit the place.

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